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EH impact

Power our future

In 2017, the Earth Hour theme was “Towards a Solar Powered City”. Then WWF-Hong Kong sent a solar café into the neighbourhoods of Hong Kong, promoting the use of renewable energy, like solar power. It helped to foster renewable energy development in the city. New scheme of control agreements between government and the power companies finally included a Feed-in Tariff (or FiT) rate, for the first time. Once it is set, hopefully in June, a WWF-HK questionnaire shows that 72% of HK people are keen to install solar power at home. Solar could provide 50% of our domestic power needs and reduce our reliance on fossil fuels to power the city BUT we all can do more.

Now, as part of Earth Hour 18, WWF-Hong Kong wants to issue an Energy Challenge to cut your energy usage by 1% in the next year. Everyone can join the challenge, individuals, families, mom-and-pop shops and companies. Saving money can help us save the Earth. Watch out for our new Energy Challenge digital platform on our website.

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Get involved in citizen science

With every achievement, we must also remember our work is never done. We are committed to go beyond Earth Hour and continue to talk about changing the way we live, sustaining resources and fighting climate change. But temperature rises have had a terrible impact on our natural habitats. We have made progress on climate change, but now we want to talk about reversing the loss of our natural spaces and the species that rely on them for survival. We need your help to spark a conversation about reversing the loss of our biodiversity, nature itself. To help you start the conversation, WWF and citizen scientists in One Planet Youth will fan out over the city in teams, competing with other teams to document the flora and fauna of the city. The City Nature Challenge is a global effort to increase awareness of our biodiversity, even in urban areas. This BioBlitz will be fun so please join in, it’s open to the public, companies, NGO’s, schools and universities.

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Save Chinese white dolphins

Everyone can have conservation impact. Follow the example of 10th grade student Audrey Tam, who through her own efforts over the last few months, worked very hard, held a recital performance and photo exhibition, and collected $33,265 from friends and family for our dolphin conservation work. It was enough to pay for a new hydrophone that will be named for Audrey, and continue to gather much needed sound recordings on our local dolphins. This breakthrough scientific data has shown the mammals’ daily migration overlaps with marine traffic in South Lantau. It makes a good case to expand marine protected areas and to divert, or restrict the speed of, vessels traversing key dolphin habitats. You can support our dolphin research here to help us expand our hydrophone network.

Help fund hydrophones

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