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Besides supporting Earth Hour, you can accelerate the city’s journey towards a more sustainable Hong Kong in the following ways.

Corporations / organizations

In addition to improving energy efficiency and reducing carbon footprint, you can invest in and promote local renewable energy projects by purchasing one of Hong Kong’s first Renewable Energy Certificates from WWF. The certificate can prove that part of your electricity supply is generated from renewable energy, as well as offset some of your carbon emission. The fund raised from these certificates will be used to promote local solar energy power supply projects, transforming Hong Kong into a renewables powered city in the long run.


You can create a green school by reducing paper use and packaging, saving energy and water, as well as recycling office supplies. Asking teachers and students to bring their own water bottles and utensils is also a good beginning in changing school culture and gradually the social behaviour of using single use plastic items. We also encourage students to participate in our tailor-made One Planet Schools programmes which let them enjoy the wonder of nature through fun, interactive activities and hands-on experiences.


A small change in daily habits can make a big difference in reducing carbon footprints. For example, you can choose energy-efficient appliances and bring your own shopping bag. You can also be a responsible consumer and conserve our ocean by following WWF’s Seafood Guide.

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