1. School screening

60min/ session
Sign up to receive a teachers’ pack that help schools to hold their own screening of the Our Planet series.

2. Educator’s talk with screening

60min/ session
Invite WWF educators to share what we can do for our planet with a screening of a highlight version of the Our Planet series.

3. Connect with Nature – Biodiversity Check

90-120 min/ session
Discover nature around your school campus or nearby park with our free wildlife ID app, created by iNaturalist, under the guidance of a WWF educator.

4. Exhibition – Our Planet Photo Exhibition

Borrow exhibition materials that help students to explore, discover and learn about biodiversity, animals and their habitats.

5. Creative workshop – Endangered animals and biomes

45-90 min/ session (Suitable for P.1-6)
This workshop allows students to find out about animal adaptation in one of the biomes and are given the opportunity to create their own handmade pop-up biome or produce a news report on the plight of endangered animals.

6. STEAM workshop – Inspiration from nature

45-90 min/ session, suitable for P.4 – S.3
This innovative STEAM workshop lets students find out how plants and animals have inspired amazing “biomimicry” discoveries while taking on the challenge of designing their own invention!