Now is the time for businesses to come together and work for a sustainable planet!  

As part of Earth Hour 2020, we are championing businesses to come together and work to protect our planet’s biodiversity and our future well-being.

Riding on “Our Planet, Our Business”, based on the successful Netflix documentary Our Planet, we want to show the immense value of nature to world economies, the scale of the challenges we face, and the pivotal role business plays. 

It centres on five areas in which the business community should commit to in decision-making. Factoring in these five areas, business can help realise an ambitious New Deal for Nature and People, which protects and restores nature by 2030 – safeguarding at least 30 per cent of natural spaces and sustainably managing the rest, while limiting global warning to 1.5C.

Business can make a difference in the areas of:  

  • Adopting clean, renewable technologies to achieve zero carbon emissions 
  • Returning our oceans to good health through sustainable fishing and protecting threatened species 
  •  Eliminating Waste as much as possible by transitioning towards a circular economy 
  • Looking at land management to minimise use of space  
  • Reimagining success by fundamentally rethinking the way we define business success. embracing financial systems change that includes a rethink on the use of natural capital