Take Up A New Habit – Switch Off for Earth Hour and Pledge to Protect Our Habitats!

Please join us for Earth Hour 2022 on Saturday, 26 March. This year’s theme is “Habits Protect Habitats”, and we’ll be shining a spotlight on some silent heroes: wetland habitats 

For Earth Hour 2022, WWF is encouraging everyone to participate by pledging to transform our daily habits to protect irreplaceable wetlands for future generations.  

Wetlands provide essential ecosystem services to wildlife and human beings – they act as natural sponges to absorb excessive rainfall during typhoon season, serve as the world’s largest carbon sink to build climate resilience and are a nature-based solution to many of today’s environmental problems.

But wetlands have been taken for granted for centuries, and threats like unsustainable development are putting wetlands under more pressure than ever before. It’s time for us to realise how important wetlands really are.  

Earth Hour is the perfect chance for us to take action to save these super habitats!  

Since the first Earth Hour in 2007, the event has meant much more than just “turning off the lights for an hour” – Earth Hour is an annual, visual reminder that we can all make small changes to help save our environment and protect nature for the future. 

This year’s theme reminds us that our habits have a direct impact on the habitats that surround us – our actions shape the future of critically important places and therefore shape our own future.  

To celebrate this moment and reflect our relationship with the nature, WWF is hosting an array of events for the Earth Hour including the iconic countdown ceremony on March 26 and a collaborative concert with Commercial Radio on May 14, where participants can rethink the future of our planet, enjoy low-carbon entertainment options and learn sustainable living tips. By donation at $450, you will receive an online event pass, WWF 3-month membership and exclusive gifts. Proceeds will go to aid WWF’s continuous conservation and education work. Offer is valid from Apr 11 (00:00) to May 14 (20:30). Donate and support us!    

WWF believes every business, every school and every individual can play a part to safeguard our nature. Changing our habits can be quite easy, and if it’s for a good cause, like saving natural habitats, it should be even easier!

Take a look at some of WWF’s Earth Hour partnerships – we join hands with corporates and schools to make it easy for everyone to create positive impacts for our planet. Apart from taking up some green habits daily, individual can also donate to supporting our conservation works. 

Let’s all change our habits to protect habitats!  




Join our “lights out” initiative and to spread the word to your customers and employees.





Together, let us show the impacts that students and schools can make for nature.


About Earth Hour

Earth Hour began in 2007 in Sydney, Australia and is the largest collective environmental movement in the world