Earth Hour is just the beginning. It’s the perfect starting point from which we can all transform our daily habits into actions for better habitats. Through student-led activities, schools play a vital role in this bringing this message to life. Over the years, over 500 local schools have participated in WWF’s Earth Hour events, helping introduce sustainable daily habits into countless lives. Just like in other years, in 2022 WWF has several activities to match your school’s needs! 

We are excited to introduce the latest WWF-Hong Kong’s Junior Panda website, a fun and interactive way for primary school children to explore our world. To continue Earth Hour momentum, “Earth Hour 2022 28-Day Challenge” under the Junior Panda online platform debuts on 28 March 2022. Children can participate in the challenges and discover different aspects of conservation and sustainability. Parents can help your kids to register an account and unlock the “Earth Hour 2022 28-Day Challenge” under Challenge section, endorse them to learn outside the classroom and be inspired.

Our popular “Lolo’s Flying Journey” game is back with a new look and updated conservation information! Designed for P.1 – S.3 students, the game sees students become Lolo the Black-faced Spoonbill and set off on an epic migration journey, visiting different locations along the East Asian-Australasian Flyway and encountering many real-life challenges along the way.  

The interactive elements help students extend their knowledge of wetlands, environmental issues and sustainable living. Schools can also book a virtual or on-campus session hosted by our educators.