Earth Hour is an excellent opportunity for your business or landmark to commit to protecting our environment, showcase your current environmental initiatives and engage with your stakeholders and the wider community. Earth Hour is also a great chance to reach out to your customers and employees and advocate the importance of a sustainable lifestyle and its positive impacts on our planet.  

Sign up and make a pledge or sponsor our event to show you support changing our habits to protect habitats!  

Earth Hour is just one short moment along our long sustainable journey – we need long-term commitments to create positive change for the natural world. As the corporate sector drives much of our economy, strong partnerships with businesses are essential to finding and implementing solutions to today’s conservation challenges.  

WWF partners on both philanthropic and awareness-raising levels with companies that take significant action to improve their sustainability performance or help achieve our conservation goals. These are just some of our corporate initiatives that your business can join and help WWF make a difference: